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    No video out , if you mean via an HDMI port ?

    But the new TVs technolgy trends is to have bluetooth and Wi-Fi . The projectors as we know at this time will start to be useless...
    I haven't seen anything in the specs regarding the TouchPad's support for DLNA or media servers which would allow the wi-fi or bluetooth video out options so I'm taking the wait and see approach at this point.
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    What is DLNA?

    Home media streaming 101: DLNA explained | Tecca

    DLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance, is a system that allows various devices on the same network are connected together to share content easily and without complicated settings. This system works with wireless networks such as the classic Ethernet network.

    In a network with DLNA we can find two types of devices: clients and servers. Servers (Digital Media Servers or DMS) are those that have content available to offer while clients (Digital Media Player DMP) are those where we can enjoy that content. As an example of server would have a DVR or your computer as an example of customers could be a TV, console or mobile phone.

    Thus, assuming that all devices with DLNA support at home, only need one copy of content and could be accessed from any device. That is, we could hear music from the computer files stored on your computer, watch movies from your computer stored on the DVR or view photos from our camera from the TV.

    Technically, DLNA uses a subset of UPnP (Universal Plug-and-play) for discovering the rest of compatible devices in the network. The formats required for data transmission are JPEG for images, LPCM for audio and MPEG2 for video, although others may be used optionally as PNG, AAC, MPEG-4 or WMV9.

    What devices are compatible with DLNA? The truth is that if we were to list them all would not end, but we found in computers, televisions, NAS, DVR.

    Some members of DLNA-known promoters are AMD, HP, IBM, Intel , Microsoft , Nokia, Samsung, Philips, ..

    Source: Google Traductor
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