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    I'd be surprised if there's a line (even if 3 ppl) for a Touchpad...
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    Does anyone know for sure that Walmart will start selling these at midnight?
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    Assuming your particular Walmart has them in stock and that they're open (i.e.: Supercenters or whatever they're called), then yes, you can definitely buy them at 12:01am Friday (technically, Friday).

    I've confirmed this will just about every 24hr Walmart in the area.
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    my walmart is not 24 hrs so im planning on camping out overnight.

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    Yep, several of us will be going here in the Denver Metro area.
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    Yup yup.
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    I don't see this item being sold out or any stores needing a line.

    If it wasn't for this site I would have no clue that it was even releasing...
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    My Walmart (that has a Touchpad demo display) says they don't have them in stock yet and don't show them coming for a week.
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    Called all the walmarts in my area. Things are not looking good for this launch. Maybe I should have bought online.

    Jacksonville Walmart Supercenter Store #3309
    Not sure what I'm talking about, and they might get some on a truck, but they have no idea what's on the trucks until they arrive... lol mysterious magical shipping trucks, no one understands how they work.

    Jacksonville Walmart Supercenter Store #1172
    hp touch? Nope.

    Jacksonville Walmart Supercenter Store #1173
    huh? tmrw? If they get them, they won't sell them until Sunday.

    Jacksonville Walmart Supercenter Store #1082
    She seemed confused; didn;t know what I was talking about at first, but somehow knew that they indeed have some. said I 'should' be able to get em at mignight. I'm skeptical. Seems to be basing her information off of me telling her that it's released tmrw, so yes it 'should' be available.

    Jacksonville Walmart Supercenter Store #5054
    Never heard of it, goes to ask around and says 'no one' has heard of it and they don't even know if they are getting any.

    Jacksonville Walmart Supercenter Store #3309
    What is it? (I explain) just answers with "no were not (going to be selling any tmrw)"

    Jacksonville Walmart Supercenter Store #1444
    An HP what? (never heard of it) hold on... Says they have one on display and have some on order, might get some tonight at 10pm.

    Called some best buy to compare:

    Best Buy - Regency Mall
    9355 Atlantic Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL
    Tmrw? um ahhh um let me check... doesn't know, tells me to call tmrw

    Best Buy - Orange Park
    8151 Blanding Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL
    Doesn't know what I'm talking about; But, yes they will have some to sell
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    I went to the super Wal Mart near my work yesterday. All the tablet devices had been pulled from their displays (last week they had 2 on display and 2 empty spots). They also had their floor set sheets up where the non iPad tablet accessories were, from what I could gather there was no mention of TP accessories on the sheets.

    If I have time to run by there on my lunch tomorrow I will pop in and see if anything has changed.
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    Called the 24hr walmart near me (delaware) and they had one. Reserved it (can do for 24 hours they claim).

    Super Excited.. I have been looking on precentral and any every news outlet multiple times every single day for any little nuggets of information since the announcement in feb..
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    The 2 South Mesa AZ WalMarts on Baseline don't have displays, tags, or anything else. Checked around midnight. That leaves me with my in store pickup preorder at Best Buy (assuming I get the call). I'm getting no work done tomorrow thinking about it
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    I just tried calling a bunch of Walmarts in the Denver metro area and none of them even have any. A guy at the last one I called told me that Walmarts usually don't get these things until a week or two after launches. Has ANYONE in Colorado found a Walmart that actually has a Touchpad for sale? I'm getting the impression that there are none.
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