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    Now that we are just a week out from release and the pre-order buzz has died down, I have a question for everyone to ponder.

    Will the apps associated with our Palm Profiles transfer and download automatically to the TouchPad during setup? We all know that the apps will run, but will we have to go out and find them in the Catalog again?

    I'm just wondering how much time it will take to get up and running.
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    Obviously, that depends on how many you have and how big those apps are. When I have done a complete restore on my Pre-, it takes at least the better part of an hour to download all of my apps, which includes a bunch of games. Data connection also has a say in it. YMMV
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    I'm not worried about the download time as much as I am whether webOS 3.0 will recognize the apps associated to my Palm Profile for my Pre- and automatically make them available for the tablet, or if I will ahve to go search for them one by one and install them.
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    the apps will automatically download.
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    There is a discussion in that thread about whether you will be able to use the same profile for a webOS phone with an OS earlier than 2.2.
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    Thanks Beverly. I searched before posting, but didn't see that one.
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    Apps should automagically download, but as Bev pointed out, much discussion on the profile sharing aspect.
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