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    I am planning to get a Touchpad for my use and my wife's use. One question I have is if I have the TP synced to my Google account how does my wife sync it to hers? Would it have a separate login like a PC or would I need a special app? Does anyone have experience with this one another device?
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    Hmm, no expert here, but on the Pre you just add both gmail accounts to the email app's Preferences & Accounts.

    I have both my and my husband's gmails syncing with my Pre.
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    yes you just add the accounts.
    Example I have 6 emails accounts on my pre 4 of them or gmail accounts.
    Gotta stay in the "NO"
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    Yes, you just add the accounts. I am currently running a Pixi and a Pre 2 and they each have the same 3 email accounts on them. No problems with syncing.
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    thx, problem solved.
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    The only area of confusion right now would be access to your Palm profile, since that is where your purchased apps are registered. I would hope at this point that since the same profile should be used for both the Pre 3 and the Touchpad(for the Touch to Share), we SHOULD be able to access our existing profiles with all of our account settings intact on both devices.

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