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    I was just poking around I found this one site that was selling a DVD to HP TouchPad software. Obviously its just a piece of software that will rip DVDs to MP4 but I thought it kind of cool that there are companies out there who already think the TouchPad to be something great when it hasn't launched yet! I though I would share the link
    Convert DVD to HP TouchPad on Mac
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    good find

    interesting stuff
    I think the Touchpad will do relatively well considering the state of webOS
    It'll be interesting to watch
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    Is there similar for PC? Looks useful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Siah1214 View Post
    Is there similar for PC? Looks useful.
    There are hundreds of them out there. You can find one right now that is labeled DVD to iPad convert because they do exactly the same process. Here is the iPad version of a DVD rip software that I own currently that works great:
    Cucusoft DVD to iPad + iPad Video Converter Suite - Free Download
    "Life is Hard... it's harder if your stupid"
    - John Wayne
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    Google "handbrake". Very easy to use and has tons of presets available. For the TouchPad, just choose the iPad preset.
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    Maybe thats why HP chose to use the same screen resolution as the ipad1 and 2. So videos and software would be more interchangeable. Those with Touchpads can just download ipad converted videos without having to convert to another resolution. Kinda smart on HP's part to do that. Would require much less work to port over ipad software I'd imagine too concerning screen resolution, etc.
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    That's what I thought too. I've got tons of movies converted to our iPad 2's resolution and I was really happy to learn that the TouchPad will share the same resolution and codec support.

    //edit: before my webOS badge gets revoked, technically, the iPad 2 is my wife's...

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