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    Hey folks. Oddly found at the end of a TechRepublic editorial about the white iPhone "debacle", Hiner suggests that HP's delayed (as some might think) release of the TouchPad is a good thing. Let's hope he's right!

    The full article is here:

    White iPhone debacle shows why Apple is winning | TechRepublic

    Seems to sync with Leo's reference of not releasing a device until it's ready as well as the one where he mentioned that he's driving HP engineers crazy, to those ends. In any case, the whole article is about Apple until the last paragraph, which reads:


    Another tech company other than Apple that may get it right in 2011 is HP. Since the company bought Palm last year, it has been working on a tablet that marries the goodness of webOS with the tablet hardware expertise of HP. The HP TouchPad officially arrives on July 1 and the company has taken some heat for the extended delay. But, CEO Léo Apotheker recently said, ”We will not release a product that isn’t perfect.” Given the trail of incomplete tablets that have littered the market so far in 2011, that could bode well for the TouchPad (look for TechRepublic’s full coverage of the TouchPad next week).


    Again, let's hope he's right!
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    Not to mention that it says they'll have a full review of the TP next week which would suggest that they have it now.
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    Nice. It make me feel warm and fuzzy inside when critics give WebOS props.
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    Well, it's safe to say that most tech sites will have a review up next week since that's when it launches.

    Wait a minute... It's next week already??? OMG!! IT'S REALLY HAPPENING!

    Ahem... Sorry, it won't happen again.

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