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    [QUOTE=LocoTreoGurl;3002859]It took 5 people... So I'm happy! I also had plenty of time to bring up the HP TouchPad web site on both iPads [/QUOTE

    LocoGurl, loved the ending of your story.

    Thanks to this site I was able to navigate the black hole experience of best buy and pre-order.
    Store has 35 units "in transit". They are re-arranging the tablet section tonight (with no specifics on if an HP display is coming). They will, though, have training on it tomorrow.

    Mobile area on 1st floor had tons of phone and some tablets, woman looks confused and said flatly: "We don't have any of those (HP tablets)." I tell her the BestBuy stores have dedicated tables for HP. She then said there were more tablets downstairs.

    Went down the escalator and there was a large section next to it dedicated to laptops and tablets with a big IPAD banner and table in front. No HP banners or tables. I asked where the HP TouchPad table was and they never heard it. I wandered around a bit. There was a "representative for tablets" on hand "who doesn't work for HP" who spied me searching and she pointed me to a table of various tablets (non HP).

    I walked over to the cashier. The BestBuy guy right away looked at me and was pleasant, wow made eye contact, so much better than the first floor mobile people ever are, they must save the good help for the computer crew.

    He told me no tablet and I should come back some other day and see if they get them in. Then as I persisted gently that he could do the
    preorder, he went to the computer and found it online and wanted to order it for me that way. I was very patient and kept on saying "type in preorder" into your system. I told him I knew a number of people had successfully done this.

    By and by, he finally typed in preorder and he found the instructions. Then he read the instructions very carefully a bunch of times, printed it out and parsed out the words. He told he was afraid he wouldn't know how to preorder, training wasn't until the next day blah blah.
    He called the manager, who never came.
    After a few minutes of him rereading the instructions, he went over to a cabinet on the side, searched through some files and did not find any for TouchPad. So he took a marker and created a TouchPad preorder folder.

    Now comes the really long part. He started to punch up the instructions on the computer but couldn't get further. He went to 3 cashier stations in the tablet area, couldn't get it to work, called the missing manager in the process as he wandered around from station to station, found some other worker on the floor to give a password for the system. Finally one computer at a station let him enter the password, find my name in the system (he wants me to buy the warranty also but I decline) and he gets to the giftcard piece of the ordering.

    At that point, he pulls a giftcard and tries to scan it and it doesn't work. So he tries this a number of times, calls the missing manager again. Still doesn't work.

    Then he went to the other side of the store, where there was a row of cashier stations. He tries a few unsuccessfully, one of them tells him that I need to pay the full amount now, I told him the instructions say that I am reserving. So he asks the cashier which scanner works and she says you just have to keep trying them all. So he tries again and finally a scanner works and I pay him the $50. He tells me the $50 can only be used for the TouchPad, which doesn't make sense but at this point I let it go. He puts the reserve sheet with my name on it into the newly created folder and walks back to the other side to file it. And I walk out with my receipt.

    So who says retail is dead?

    Could never have done this without this thread.
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    Wow, bluenote; they should give you a discount for persistence!
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    I had no issues preordering at BB. I asked if they were taking preorders, the sales person said yes, and went to the counter to grab the HP Touchpad "reservation ticket" sheet. I gave my info, plus $50 cash, got my receipt and I was off. It was Pretty painless.
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