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    Being Filipino,I find it sooo funny. But in a good way. All my relatives want anything w/ an HP on it now.
    This is what I knew would happen. And Manny is popular not only in his home country, but he has millions of fans in the far east...and I think awareness of him and his accomplishments is growing fast here in the west also. I have many Filipino friends, and as Rigatoni1374 said this is very big to family and friends. I'm liking Manny more and more myself!
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    I'm just a soul who's intentions are good...oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood!

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    Glad they are dropping the HP webOS and just saying webOS, I was worried about them saying the HP touch pad with HP webOS
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    Excellent commercial. Succinct, informative and hilarious! I just hope this is being televised..

    More of THIS HP!!
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    Excellent and hilarious commercial :-)
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    nice, keep em coming
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    One thing that I haven't seen brought up - this ties the Veer and TouchPad together for viewers that see both commercials. I'm hoping HP keeps this trend for a while with the Pre3, and possibly the next device or two.
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    I know this is what PacMan said in the commercial:
    They said, I couldn’t win a fight, but I did. They said I couldn’t fight above my weight class, but I did. They said I couldn’t get elected to Congess, but I did. Now I’m trying to make it in music......... Haaa Haaa, Millions of Hits!
    But this is what I hear:

    They said we couldn’t even win a laptop magazine poll, but we did. They said we couldn’t take on a phone that was above our speed class (4G), but we did. They said we’d never get elected best mobile OS, but we did. Now we'’re trying to break into the tablet market... Haaa Haaa, Millions of Pre-orders”

    Must be the webOS enthusiast in me,
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    Saw this commercial on a news show this morning.
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