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    Hi all,

    Here are twin articles dealing with the TouchPad. The first one compares the TouchPad & other Pads to the Ipad. I agree with the first article, that the TouchPad is a play for the Enterprise filed.

    Are we too hard on Apple's iPad rivals? | ZDNet

    The second one deals with just the TouchPad. I don't agree with the author at all. I think the TouchPad will do well in the enterprise area and it isn't "DOA".

    HP's TouchPad: Dead on Arrival | ZDNet

    Take care,

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    I don't think it's DOA but I do somewhat agree with his criticism on the TP pricing. I just don't see the average consumer holding the TP in one hand with the iPad2 in the other hand and choosing HP over Apple at the same price.

    I also don't agree with the argument that lowering the price of the TP makes it seem like a cheaper quality tablet than the other product.

    His thoughts on the 7" tablet I also don't agree with though. I've to see any 7" tablets in the consumer or business sector. The only place I see them is at the stores. Everyone I know (along with much of the younger generation) want either an iPad or the iPad2. I've yet to see any demand for a 7" tablet (iOS, Android or any other OS).
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