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    Are we too hard on Apple's iPad rivals? | ZDNet

    Someone is definitely getting a kick out of this.

    I will say I do like this review MUCH better. And yes... its like a Xerox machine many people will compare everything to the ipad. I would not agree any Tie goes to iPad but its important to note that the ONLY test I found that was worth a comparison in the video is the browser.

    We are of course all about speed but its also about functionality. I'm not going to worry about a milli sec here or 1 sec there. But how many steps or taps does it take me to update a document in ipad vs HP TP? How many screens can I have open to type an email and refer to another one? Functionality is where its at....
    Gotta stay in the "NO"
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    Meh, they're still full of it to me.

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