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    i couldn't help myself.

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    Heh, now go do this in an Apple store.
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    haha! might have to visit my local Bestbuy tomorrow.
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    Lol, too funny!
    I see pandas.
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    nice move haha! wonder what the apple geniouses think about that~!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ijip View Post
    nice move haha! wonder what the apple geniouses think about that~!
    This looks to have happened at a Bust Buy, in which case there are no Apple geniuses.
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    there are no geniuses period...
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    I did that in an apple store in Ottawa, amused me during some free time I will admit.
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    I'm going down to my Best Buy and Apple store to open up this webpage on the browsers AND what I am also going to do is set it as the background on the iPads!!!! I might even go through and make the iPhones have the Pre3 as a background! I'll post pictures if I get to it tomorrow!

    I tell you what, if I get 5 likes by tomorrow I'll go ahead and do it tomorrow afternoon
    ...Just hope I don't find myself with a Apple (non)Genius looking over my solder asking what I am doing

    EDIT: I am going to go all out and even add powerpoints and iPage documents of the TouchPad. Just in case you are wondering, I had nothing planned for tomorrow so why not nerd out at BestBuy?
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    Oh the irony......
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    Hey, this is fun -count me in! Will post pics over this weekend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carioca_FL View Post
    Hey, this is fun -count me in! Will post pics over this weekend.
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    "Life is Hard... it's harder if your stupid"
    - John Wayne
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    Hey man, count me in! I have quit a few best buys here in my town and I might as well hit them all up and do it to every single one of them! Team iTouchPad unite!
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    I'm in too. I might not be able to do it tomorrow but I surely try. Best Buy better not say anything either if they want my touchpad $$$.
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    Bahaaaa. I used to leave the site loaded on the Xoom at my local VZW store when I visited. Well done, team!
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    Lmao,I was at a bestbuy today looking for any signs of a touchpad.I wish I would have seen this post.Great job! This is my new mission when I go to bestbuy the next time.
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    Great post. Feels great to be that rascal. Can you make ppt slides that auto-run and load that on ipad?
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    blackfireball5, you make me proud.
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    My efforts at Best Buy are usually very modest. Every time I go in, I check out the Veer display and reattach the charger that someone (sales staff?) has disconnected.
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    Hate to say it but, even as a semi-techie, I'm so used to webOS that I'm literally baffled anytime I touch iOS. I would have no idea how to save a TouchPad image as the wallpaper/background image on an iPad, much less run a PPT on it. I'd be surprised if I could even load and operate Safari on it. Sometimes I feel dumb; but then I just feel glad that we have webOS!
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