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    This is both crazy and awesome, keep up the good work
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    Quote Originally Posted by xadion View Post
    There needs to be a page with part flash etc so we can load it on ipads with broken flash elements and then stuff about the TP and Good to go on flash :-D hehe
    Given consumer mentality, they might take that as a strike against the TouchPad because "HP didn't fix the web page". I think I'd avoid that.
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    holy cow! I go on vacation for a few days and go on my phone on PC, see this thread and it exploded! Haha! Awesome. Glad to see everyone liked it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bevcraw View Post
    My efforts at Best Buy are usually very modest. Every time I go in, I check out the Veer display and reattach the charger that someone (sales staff?) has disconnected.
    I've dont this 3 times already too ;_; twice at ATT and once at a best buy. Worst thing is twice it was on backwards o_0

    Only once did it still have juice in it to be on so i could play with it.
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    guys the best thing to do its take a screen capture of that page on iOS home button + Power Button ... this way they try tapping on it.. no response.. they hit the home button and safari is there lol lol
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    Hahaha! I just went to BestBuy to see if I could pre-order (I could, but I couldn't pick it up in the store...? So I would have to wait another week) anyway, I launched HP's website, showing off the Touchpad on the iPad. It made me smile.
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    Touchpad FTW!!!
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    Haha I love this
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    I bet it will backfire eventually leading fan-boys to pull the same trick on the touchpad come July 1st
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    Quote Originally Posted by barkerja View Post
    This looks to have happened at a Bust Buy, in which case there are no Apple geniuses.
    so the ones in black apple shirts paid by apple dont count? lol

    Audiovox SMT5600 (WM) --> Cingular 8125 (WM) --> Sprint Mogul 8525 (WM) --> Palm Pre (webOS)- --> Sprint Franken Pre2 (webOS) + 32gb Touchpad (webOS)
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    Quote Originally Posted by iowahawk19 View Post
    It is really to bad that there isn't WiFi at Best Buy. Kinda strange really.
    uh, dunno about your store, but at mine, everything is connected to wifi

    Audiovox SMT5600 (WM) --> Cingular 8125 (WM) --> Sprint Mogul 8525 (WM) --> Palm Pre (webOS)- --> Sprint Franken Pre2 (webOS) + 32gb Touchpad (webOS)
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    Quote Originally Posted by 65fastback View Post
    so the ones in black apple shirts paid by apple dont count? lol
    They are hired through a separate marketing company, therefore not geniuses haha
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    Wouldnt this be more useful on july 1st to do this. Then at least the next person in line might go over and then take a look at the touchpad. (coming soon wont make a random person not buy an ipad.

    So I'm i'm going to delay doing this till july 15th in Canada.
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    My contribution.

    Best buy in Enfield, CT.
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    Great job everyone haha
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    this is hilarious. Haha. I will be stopping a a walmart on my way home from vacation that has a confirmed display unit.
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    It was awesome!
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    Holy crap that is hilarious and just plain awesome at the same time!
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    This is my damage
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    that's funny right there ...
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