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    I did this at a Borders once, except it was switching the positions of George Bush's "Decision Points" with Stephanie Meyer's "Twilight".
    I didn't get caught, but I ****ed off my Republican girlfriend.
    So doing this next time I walk into an electronics store, though. A while back I was also thinking about making a PNG with the text 'NOT COMPENSATING FOR ANYTHING' and setting it to the wallpaper on all the Veers in AT&T stores, but that might be over the line.
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    There needs to be more pics in this thread!

    I never thought of taking a pic but I've also set the TouchPad page as the home page and adding a few notes in Pages and the like about the TouchPad superiority.
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    Gotta post some vids - taken with a Pre/Veer - of the reaction of the reps at the Apple store. Post 'em on YouTube!

    I heart this thread!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bevcraw View Post
    My efforts at Best Buy are usually very modest. Every time I go in, I check out the Veer display and reattach the charger that someone (sales staff?) has disconnected.
    Ditto, did same thing last week, off course this was my 1st time playing around with veer, man it was very smooth, i wanted to test the browser but no dang internet service in BB o_0
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    It is really to bad that there isn't WiFi at Best Buy. Kinda strange really.

    Every time I look at the Veer I pull up the 'Gestures Tutorial' so that it is ready to go for people that haven't used webOS before.
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    I actually did this at my BestBuy and Apple Store a couple weeks back! Except, I didn't stop at the iPads. I put up on all the iPads, Android tablets, ereaders, laptops, etc. Basically, if it could display a webpage, it had up.
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    I absolutely LOVE IT...

    Somewhat like what Apple fans who work for Best Buy do to the HP displays. Either way, keep up the great work! Sorli...
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    Haha, I love this. I recently did this in the UK- walked into various different shops to look at tablets (I was genuinely interested at other tablets) and I left them all on either or that HP webpage.
    I did then think this could back fire, as some people might see the TouchPad page on the tablet and believe they are actually playing with one... Good to see I'm not alone in this Gorilla Warfare though :P
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    I guess Apple has to do something to make people look at the iPad.
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    I opened up a youtube video of the touchpad on two ipads at best buy last week.haha I'll post pics later
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    I like this. I will make some mods at lunch tomorrow!
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    I did my job today at a Best Buy in the Big D!

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    Went to play with Palm Pre 2 at local Vzn store when they first came out. Had to find it myself (no help from staff) and it was dead. Put my Pre Plus batt in it temporarily and had a hard time because they put security device on the touchscreen. Was able to enter and save bookmark for Precentral, but had to switch-out the battery when I left.

    Today while there it was charged and that bookmark was first one visible! Also, they moved the security device so you could actually use the device. However, it soon went to low battery warning.
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    I did it as well!
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    Done and done!! From Pennsylvania




    Funny thing is as soon as I was setting things up. A bestbuy rep came over and asked if I had any questions. I told him I know all I need to know about the ipad2,thank you.....

    While I was there I was kinda happy to see this too.


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    I did it today at BB. All I could do was open Safari and the HP website. Wasn't sure how to wallpaper it, or make it the default home page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by virtualkyr View Post
    I did it today at BB. All I could do was open Safari and the HP website. Wasn't sure how to wallpaper it, or make it the default home page.
    Find the Settings icon (it has gears on it) or swipe right to left until a keyboard and textbox appear and type settings then tap the listed "Settings" with the gear icon. Scroll through and you'll eventually find a "Wallpaper" option.

    As for the "home page" thing. The best you could do would be to hide the Safari icon in a folder somewhere on a launcher page several swipes back. Then replace it with a Home Screen icon link that uses the Safari icon as its image but automatically opens up the TouchPad page.
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    So, has anyone gotten kicked out of a store yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennat View Post
    I tell you what, if I get 5 likes by tomorrow I'll go ahead and do it tomorrow afternoon
    ...Just hope I don't find myself with a Apple (non)Genius looking over my solder asking what I am doing
    If someone asks what you are doing, just tell the truth, you improving the iPad!
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    I did this when I had to take my works MacPro server in for something or another-

    This was about a month ago- great fun

    There needs to be a page with part flash etc so we can load it on ipads with broken flash elements and then stuff about the TP and Good to go on flash :-D hehe
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