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    Quote Originally Posted by jbg7474 View Post
    They know how to market to the enterprise. Nobody else has the ability to hit the enterprise like HP can, with the possible exception of RIM, and the TouchPad should be a much more compelling solution than the Playbook.
    *bingbingbing* Anyone who thinks the TouchPad is primarily a consumer play is not seeing the real opportunities for HP. {Jonathan}
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    Remember, Apotheker stated, several times that this is not a sprint, but a marathon - they are in it for the long haul - I'd expect to see lots of things happen over the next few years to continue building on their mobile initiative, which is built completely around WebOS.

    As for the old failure of the Pre - its true, there was the iPhone, and nothing else, and the Pre was dubbed by the press as the "iPhone killer", and it fell short, leaving a gaping hole for android based smartphones to fill that gap.

    Now, 2+ years later, we are looking at a playing field with hundreds of different smartphones out, and may people have already changed devices 2 - 3 times.. having said that, the Pre3 will perhaps not stand out as an evangelical device, but, will certainly garner some good attention, and if its a decent phone, built well, performs smooth and is supported well, at the very least, it will be a well respected device with a decent following.

    People will switch to try something new.. many people really want a portrait hardware keyboard still - and this could be enough to get them to try it.

    We'll see how things unfold, but, I believe HP will be a strong advocate of their market entries, in a building fashion of intensity over the next few years, as they find the direction the market takes them in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakeeeee View Post
    The biggest killer in my opinion is word of mouth. Customer sales reps, friends, people. People don't know what they're talking about and it kills it.
    Finally someone said it! The reason why the iphone and ipad were such a success is because of the ipod's revolution. Apple has integrated itself into the social atmosphere and because of this, everyone in the USA knows about the new Apple product within a week after the event because of social word of mouth.

    NO ONE will be able to win over Apple in 1 or 2 product cycles and that is just the way it is, face it. HP has to build up theit ecosystem and integrate themselves into society before being able to do this. What HP can do is win in the enterprise arena because they have already integrated themselves better there than Apple. They must expand there then bleed into the consumer arena. This is how it will happen.

    I would greatly appreciate any and all responses on your views of this.
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    It seems that the majority view is that the 'winning factor' for TouchPad's mass adoption is HP's enterprise strength. I can see that being the case.

    But it means a lot more patience because:

    1) enterprise sales cycle takes a while (even RIMM hasn't broken in fully with the Playbook)
    2) HP won't be able to leverage their extensive retail channel as much (retail is mostly consumer focused)
    3) iPad is already making inroads into enterprise (but not being pushed as aggressively by Apple as HP will push the TouchPad)

    The last point brings me back to my original question. What would make most (not some) IT managers in the enterprise space buy the TouchPad instead of say the iPad? Especially if they want to (as they typically do) play safe and go with the popular choice (aka IBM, Windows and now iPad)?
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    I actually see this slightly differently - for the Touchpad to become a roaring success then HP needs to be able crack the marketing aspects.

    I'm absolutely no fan of Apple but do seriously respect their marketing capabilities. The Apple brand is iconic and people perceive anything produced by Apple to be 'the best that money can buy' when in truth it is nearer 'consumer technology for those that don't know any better'.

    So will HP attain the same level of success with the Touchpad - it seems unlikely as HP make thousands of products and the Touchpad is just one more competing for marketing spend. Apple on the other hand have a much smaller product range and can really focus on each product - and it works.

    The debate for RIM Playpad and HP Touchpad is different - both companies are respected as corporate players - Playpad QNX OS is almost as new as WebOS - it will be 3rd party software development that will dictate the success of both.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan I Ezor View Post
    *bingbingbing* Anyone who thinks the TouchPad is primarily a consumer play is not seeing the real opportunities for HP. {Jonathan}
    I think TP is primarily a consumer device, because there is still more demand for tablets in consumer market. Usual HP customers - Companies and corporations will not have same demand for tablets as they have for computers. Probably, demand ratio is 1:1000 between tablets and computers, so HP can't count on them to buy TP in same large volumes as they are buying computers or printers. Also, prices for enterprise customers are much lower (not higher!) than for consumers. In modern enterprise market IT company have to attach services to sold hardware to gain profit, and we know webos enterprise services are still in early stage.
    Bottom line - corporate buyers will buy much smaller volumes of TP for much lower price than consumer buyers and that is why TP is consumer oriented.

    I'm personally interested in TP, but in the same time, for me, HP made huge mistake with launching WebOS tablet instead launching specter of modern smartphones with various form factors which would gain some broader interest for WebOS.
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