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    I just received an email ad from Staples Canada that mentioned the Touchpad was available for preorder. The ad was only for the touchpad and nothing else. Stated July 15 as product launch. $519 price for 16GB.
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    Same here ... just got it! Attached is a screen-capture if anyone's interested.

    Edit: Added the Staples screencapture too.

    Staples URL for those interested:
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    HP WebOS is such a strong feature they listed it twice
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    that's pretty sweet
    did that come via mail, or email?
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    haha nice, i guess they love it twice as much as the playbook -=X
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    i'm surprised the Touchpad is getting the exposure it is getting

    Futureshop has it all over their website.. a couple pages it has a couple blurbs. Front and centre attention. I like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kjb86 View Post
    that's pretty sweet
    did that come via mail, or email?
    By email.

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