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    just wanted to share a litte bit of information with you:

    On a german website, somebody blogs about his impressions at the Berlin webOS connect event.

    He says, that they were not told anything about the battery. But when he first looked at the demo-device, it was 50% battery. After 45 minutes of testing around with it (without videos or games, just standard apps, browsing, ...) it was at 41%.

    So the battery seems to be at about 8.3 hours of run-time with pre-release hardware/software.

    This would already suit all my needs, let alone if they still can tweak it a little bit on final hardware/software.

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    Yeah, the sweet spot for battery life is 8-10 hours. Below is pathetic and above is probably not possible yet. (For webOS)
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    More importantly, new video demo on the page!

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    how is it new? "Uploaded by Scobleizer on Feb 10, 2011"
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    "New" as in not widely blogged about in the webOS sites yet.
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    If it's over 8 hours, why has HP neglected to mention battery life in most promotional materials? That's a good battery life for everyday use.

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    Because some will sue them when they try and watch 8 hours of flash videos and it only lasts 3 hours.
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    good stuff
    really all depends what the device is doing

    the beauty about tablets (at least wifi tabs) that there's no cell radio in them, always draining the battery.

    usage will vary for each user.
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    That isn't an even remotely accurate way of calculating what average battery life is going to be...just saying...
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    Great news, but you cant create a reliable estimate with that info because lithium ion batteries' performance changes as the percentage goes down. The first 10% percentage isn't good at all (thats why it seems like it dies so fast at the start), 85-60% has the best performance.

    The awesome part about this though is that your estimate might be less than the actual battery life. Even if you hit it dead on, 8.5 hours is still great time for continual usage!
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