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    I have it figured and I think HP might do this some day. I dont want Windows 8, its not going to do anything for me on a desktop and for the most part it seems pretty damn skin deep. What I want is a dual booting touchpad with windows 7 (wouldnt say no to a more efficient windows 7 that runs well on arm) AND WebOS

    Windows 8 is going to flop, it doesnt go far enough for tablets but goes much too far for desktops to find any of that remotely useful. They should have moved windows phone to tablets not added windows phone to windows 7.

    Whos with me, scrap windows 8, call it windows 7.5 and slap it on with webos.

    full fledged laptop substitute when i need it, with all windows apps
    but still as portable as webos and tablets
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    I just get the feeling that if people really wanted this there would be more Windows 7 tablets on sale. As of now, the only one I can remember is the HP Slate.

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    What I think HP/Windows would be more successful at is creating a tablet version of the OS. And I'm not talking about that last one they made a few years ago where the OS is not interchangeable. I'm talking about having an option in the control panel to operate as a PC or a tablet. This would put the floating windows on the system and/or the normal mouse moving windows. It maybe more costly to develop both but that's the only way I see it working.

    I don't see dual boot as being an option as the time it takes to load would be my biggest gripe. I think it would need to run simultaneously work like an "alt + tab" key to swap between the two. There would need to be some serious resource consumption consideration but I would prefer my systems to always be ready.

    Ultimately the best configuration for WebOS is to be fully integrated into windows. Apps are in the start menu and their "window/browser" opens when clicked. There would be no "click here" for webOS but the system/prog knows ultimately what needs to be done to connect to the cloud.
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