TouchPad Resellers and retailers.

On Precentral front page TouchPad now available for pre-order | The #1 HP / Palm webOS Community |, you can browse the links of a several online stores worldwide with some prices according to the country.

However there are Resellers now posted on the HP Touchpad official site, as TouchPad for business:

Some of the links are not working yet or are wrong linked, so I am posting here some of them:

CDW: : Coming Soon: HP TouchPad - Questions

PC Connection Express: Search - PC Connection

PC Mall: HP Touchpad Search Results for hp touchpad at : link not found

Insight :

and Zone: link not found.

Also this $25 less for the 32GB version:Search - PC Connection

And a list of the Retailers:

If you are a HP suscriber you can call to:

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