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    HP TouchPad Struts Its Stuff Before Launch, but Is It Enough?
    By Jared Newman on June 13, 2011

    HP TouchPad Struts Its Stuff Before Launch, but Is It Enough? - Techland -

    If you've got a few minutes to spare, HP would like to explain how its TouchPad distinguishes itself from other tablets.

    A new series of videos touts the TouchPad's key features, ahead of its launch on July 1 (starting at $499). They show off the TouchPad's card-based multitasking that lets users run lots of apps at once, and the "Synergy" feature that combines multiple e-mail, contacts and calendar sources into a single view. They explain the "Just Type" feature, which lets users search the device and the web from the tablet's home screen, and demonstrate how HP's upcoming Pre 3 phone will be able to wirelessly transfer phone calls and websites to the tablet.

    Of course, what HP doesn't show in these videos are the TouchPad's inherent weaknesses: The hardware, while comparable to other current tablets in raw power, measures closer to Apple's first-generation iPad than the thinner and lighter iPad 2, so HP doesn't spend much time talking about it. And if you want to see what apps are available, you'll just have to wait; although the TouchPad's WebOS already offers roughly 6,000 smartphone apps, it's not clear how many will be optimized for tablets at launch.

    Still, HP has a solid foundation in WebOS, and laying out exactly what makes the TouchPad unique is the best way to make tablet buyers think twice about an iPad or Android tablet. If this is how HP will market the TouchPad to mainstream consumers next month, it may actually have a chance.
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    I wouldn't be at all surpised if we see a simliar app catalog size as to when the pre was launched. I would be very suprised if we saw 1000+ at launch. I'm thinking sub 500 if they were true to the developers wanting to submit (which they never have been).

    I just watched this videos, (hd versions on newegg). I was impressed and I would use it; if I didn't have a netbook, laptop, and full desktop workstatioon to use already. Not to mention the smartphone does what I need on the go. I'm not a heavy business user with gobs of money to spend :-p
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    I'm excited about what the Touchpad apps will bring and yes I agree with the notion and it being about the same as when the original Pre was announced. Either way, it brings a huge difference in apps, selection, and options provided by the larger screen size and other features readily available on the Touchpad.

    The interesting things is webOS 2.1 and especially 3.0 (Enyo) that brings auto compatibility between larger 4x3 screens at 1024x768 and smaller screens running 800x400 resolutions. This alone is the major difference between Mojo and Enyo and allows a developer to create one app that works and expands screen size depending on the platform it is running on. Can you imagine making one app that would auto expand and run on both large 1024x768 Touchpads and 800x400 Mobile and for that matter 320x200 Veer.

    Oh I wish I was a better programmer and hope everyone actively involved much success...better days are only a few weeks away! Sorli...

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