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    Can't wait to hear about the TouchPad and how good it is (fingers crossed) by the guys who are the best covering it. Wish Dieter was still around for PalmCast, ThisIsMyNext is a pretty big step in his career
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    Can't wait to see who will cover the TouchPad at ThisIsJoshTopolsky, and whether hilarity like "just look how slowly apps open... OK that was really fast, but trust me - it's slow!" will again ensue in the TP review. I'm currently leaning towards believing that it will.
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    Nah, I'm hoping that HP did their due diligence with the TouchPad and made sure it's pretty much good to go. I asked webosinternals on twitter thier thoughts of the TouchPad's they recieved and didn't get anything back but they might be under NDA in regards to talking about software until the 1st. "ThisIsJoshTopolsky" was a good. Kudos.
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    Yeah, the Veer was good to go as well, good enough that Josh couldn't get it to behave slow on camera and had to resort to telling people to believe him instead of their very eyes in order to steer them away. I'm looking forward to see what nonreplicable because nonexistent issues he's going to invent for the TouchPad. "it really LOOKS as if it was smooth, but believe me, it isn't. Close your eyes and concentrate on my voice!"

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