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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Hyde View Post
    Cant you just pre-order from best buy online and have it shipped to your local store for pickup?
    i looked at that but it appears its "not in store" to have that option.
    Gotta stay in the "NO"
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    I'm also surprised that so many people are not getting the touchpad. I went into bestbuy today, with the guy trying to sell me on samsung's new tablet, apparently he's been told to demo it for customers. Anyway, the playbook is just too small and the 9.7 is just perfect in size.
    Gotta stay in the "NO"
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    CRN noticed the issues with TouchPad ordering. Hard for the hundred billion dollar HP to hide. Er, Dorothy, we are not in Kansas anymore.

    Anyway heres the quote from HP that the CRN reporter got:

    Obviously, these issues could cause frustration for potential TouchPad tablet buyers, and that's something HP would like to avoid as it seeks to drum up interest in an extremely important product.

    "HP is aware of the issue and is taking immediate action to try to resolve the issues with the links. HP reseller partners can place pre-orders through their distributors, which many have already started doing," an HP spokesperson said in an email.

    New product launches are often beset with various types of glitches, and HP isn't likely to lose TouchPad customers as a result of this one. However, HP counts its channel and distribution muscle as one of its key advantages over Apple and other tablet players, so the fact that this is happening in a traditional area of HP strength has to be at least a bit concerning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmicblue View Post
    It's Wifi or Wifi - that's it - I'm saddened to report.
    Did you bother to read any spec sheet?

    Such as this bullet right off the HP data sheet?

    Data transfer: Attach your HP TouchPad to your PC or Mac and drag and
    drop music, photos, video, and document files.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockett0 View Post
    Did you bother to read any spec sheet?

    Such as this bullet right off the HP data sheet?

    Data transfer: Attach your HP TouchPad to your PC or Mac and drag and
    drop music, photos, video, and document files.
    I think he's referring to the Touchpad itself not being able to be a USB host device. For example attaching a thumb drive and transferring data. Although I haven't poked around the forums enough to verify it won't do this and I'm not sure how the wi-fi comment is related.
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    Pre-ordered a 16 GB model on Amazon the first day it was available.
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    Preordered one on Amazon for tax purposes and went into BB store to preorder another. I WILL have this day 1...
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    I preordered it this morning through hp. No recycle, free priority overnight shipping out onthe 30th, due 7/1 by 1030am.

    I got the touchstone, case, keyboard, 1 yr of replacement and support.

    I just need to get the screen protector from sprawlmart and I'm set.

    He said the accessories should come a week later and the battery should go 4 to 6 hrs on a charge.

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    I would pre-order if I can get clarification on whether my Pre- will work with the Touchpad using the same profile (no, I understand it wont do the Touch-to-Share), but that doesnt look like it will work. Unless the reviews come in praising the tablet as the iPad beater, I am sure I can walk up to BestBuy on July 1st and get one.
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    No Pre-Order Here, waiting on the Pre 3. My most used feature of a tablet is going to be the forwarding of calls and text from the device. So Until the Pre3, I can hold off and suffer with the wife's ipad and my laptop.
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    Developers are awesome, I'll have mine by Friday.
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    Wont be buying without the 3G version since I really want a proper GPS chip.
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    still gonna make it?
    Gotta stay in the "NO"
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