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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    The notion of taking a wait and see approach on what essentially amounts to a "toy" kind of amuses me.

    Let's face it, if one is purely price vs. functionality driven - they buy a netbook instead. All tablets are toys, for the most part. A toy I happily buy on the 1st.
    The reason we are even having this discussion, is because many people are not going to regard this as a toy product. Even if it is, its quite expensive toy for many, if not most, people, so I can't bame them for being careful.
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    First post but have been reading here for a week. I am in not in a hurry and will wait to see what everybody says about touchpad's abilities after they get theirs and use them. Might wait until Pre3 comes out to see how they interact together before getting mine. Right now for me there are still too many rumors and might do this and might do that.
    Not a technical type and will rely on reports from others to make up my mind. I don't know how many others are like me and don't understand many of the terms used here but there might be a need for a thread for dummies. It does seem that the way webos works is made for folks like me that will be making the first plunge with a smartphone and tablet. 58 yrs old and just don't want to strain my brain too much.
    Ya'll cut this South Alabama feller a break.
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    I'm going to wait and wife wants a tablet so right now it's between the Ipad 2 and the Touchpad.
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    It's OK to wait at least to see will some of retailers bundle some of accessories for free to boost sales, especially in US.
    As non US customer, I certainly won't buy it from ebay in first months of sale. I want to see some thorough reviews.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    Let's face it, if one is purely price vs. functionality driven - they buy a netbook instead.
    This may have been accurate if the TP was the only tablet on the market, but it isn't. The reality is that, depending on your needs, other tablets available may be more functional and cheaper.

    As for just buying it without giving it any thought, go ahead if you want. Personally, I prefer to get things that best suit my needs, that goes especially for my toys.

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    After reading a slew of TouchPad reviews, I'm most certainly holding off. I love webOS, but am deeply disappointed. At this point, the iPad2 or Android tablets are starting to look better. *I can't believe I just said that!*
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    Engadget review was funny when the game app started to freak out and Quick Office didnt even it was painful to watch...BUT future looks bright with the amount of support HP is putting behind TP....really need to bring big name developers and lift the NDA from 3.0
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    Just finished reading several reviews and I have made up my mind. I'm not buying.

    There is no video out (big thing for me), there is no USB host (another big thing for me), overall roughness and lack of polish throughout the OS pains me, the launcher is pathetic in my opinion, not being able to customize the tabs at all. The fact that the core apps are unpolished, these should be the marker that all other apps target, the app catalog sounds painful.

    I do like the phone pairing, being able to take and make calls is huge for me. I love WebOS, and I do know that the apps are coming but the first generation touchpad just isnt finished for me.

    Maybe the opal (or is it topaz?) will be better. But most likely I will be waiting till the Touchpad 2 for my tablet needs. Made the mistake of getting the first gen version with the Pre-. Hell, I'd settle for a Touchad+ with webos 3.5 as all I'm missing are a few ports (want full usb,hdmi, and SD card slot not just mini imitations) and OS polish.

    Am I wrong and being too hard, are others with me. I'm just sad that I will not be able to save that $50 on my 32GB version, but maybe the price will drop anyways, we will see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dcbo89 View Post
    Am I wrong and being too hard, are others with me. I'm just sad that I will not be able to save that $50 on my 32GB version, but maybe the price will drop anyways, we will see.
    im with you alright. Although I am more interested in 7"

    you should wait for price drop, with this type of reviews, you can save more than $50 with a bit more patience.
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    At least the issue is software - easier to fix than hardware
    Apps: MyQ for Netflix (Phone/TouchPad), Giantbomb (Phone), Excavate (Reddit/Digg clients for TouchPad)
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    Quote Originally Posted by rot View Post
    There is definitely no GPS in the wi-fi version.

    It is the same with the iPad: the GPS-receiver is included in the gsm/umts-chip, which the wi-fi version doesn't have.

    So: no GPS in the wi-fi version

    But: there are other possible location-services when connected to the internet (via google, etc.)
    We have to wait for the teardown. GPS can be included in the wifi chipset --- like the TI wifi chipset.
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    Ok, after reading engadget and Precentral review, I am really disappointed that the engineers cant get it right with optimization, and the fact that HP didnt attempt to make a slicker. lower profile tablet.

    I say just focus on the software and bring in other hardware makers to pump out hardware versions monthly running often updated (no fraging) webOS.

    I will experiment with a live version after release to see if I will buy, most likely I will await HP 7 to see if the hardware changes and what we get with the webOS being optimized.
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    I'm not buying first either.

    These reviews have confirmed my fears: It isn't quite ready yet. On top of that, I bought an HP Computer online from them about 6 months ago (a pretty nice one customized at about $2,000) and it hasn't run quite right ever since day 1.... so I'm not having a lot of good user experience with HP hardware right now.

    I'll either watch here for news about software updates and see how that goes, or just wait it out until Gen2. Besides, I've spend several hours over the recent weeks at Best Buy playing with the iPad2, and I'm not convinced I need a tablet at this point.

    I need a new phone first.

    So, I'm going to keep hanging on until we get some definite news about where the Pre3, Pre4/Slab, PreX are coming to and when they'll be released: Assuming my Pre- holds out that long.
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    Me I was going to get one. Now I am going to wait it out and see what other tablets there are besides the Ipad 2 thought I LOVE the Web OS.
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    I just want to say that you mods really are over zealous, my thread did not need to be merged with this one. I'm not waiting and seeing, i'm outright skipping the first generation this time. And even then it was merged with the wrong thread.
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