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    I am very disappointed that HP Ireland have not set up any way to preorder the Touchpad online. They don't even have a Touchpad website set up on their Irish website. No info from any retailers also. I was ready to preorder today but no way to do it. Even HP UK will not deliver to Ireland so I can't go down that route.

    Does anyone have anyone have any info on Ireland as the HP Press Release clearly states the Touchpad is coming to Ireland a few days later then the 1st July launch?
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    I've been wondering the same. I asked Carphone Warehouse if they're gonna be carrying it, and they're not getting it until August, so I'm at a loss as to who will be stocking it.
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    Yes I also dropped into Carphone Wharehouse on Grafton Street and they told me they have no information on if they are stocking the HP Touchpad and to look at their website for any updates. The shop assistant said he has not heard if they will stock it and that Ireland is a totally different market to the UK.

    Nothing on HP's website for Ireland and yet the Press Releases state that its available in Ireland from 2nd July.

    The lack of information for Ireland with no Touchpad website is a joke.
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    Same here ... hoping to get one from HP Ireland .... Is it even mentioned on their website ?!

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