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    Just thinking about how the Touchpad will be reviewed by tech media regarding pro and cons. I know its not even out yet. Just based on all the demo videos and past reviews of webOS devices.


    multitasking with webOS


    thicker n heavier than the ipad2
    laggy at times
    limited apps available
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    Based on what we saw with the Veer reviews, I suspect that most will give the UI and overall OS features very high marks, but will also mark it down by quite a bit for the very limited selection of applications compared to iOS and Android. I expect that overall the ratings will be a bit more on the positive side than we saw with the Veer, though, since the other major weaknesses of the TouchPad (lack of rear camera, heavier weight) aren't as severe as the size and proprietary connectors on the Veer.

    In general, I expect the TouchPad will get much more positive reviews from those of us that are already WebOS fans than from the more mainstream press, which will insist on comparing it point by point to the iPad 2.

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    Another possible Pro of touch to share and sending calls/texts to Touchpad will not even be available at first (waiting for Pre3 n Veer update). I included weight but in my opinion the ipad2 doesn't feel light to me.

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