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    I'm the ICT Co-ordinator of a Private school in Melbourne, Australia and have seen many schools excited about the potential use of Tablets in education. (Many are already going down the 'Ipad' path)

    As an enthusiastic WebOs this a path that HP is neglecting?

    Apple have for many years been brilliant at targeting education....often setting up "best practice Apple schools" that become 'evangelists' for the brand across a whole range of schools...

    All manner of 'educational conferences' are held where sessions are run that "show off" the wonders of what Apple can do...

    The promotional impact of this is is an absolutely massive market...both in terms of the direct sales it generates within the schools themselves..but also the 'spin off' effect of students going home to their parents saying "I really want to get an iPad like we use at school"etc...

    Maybe HP should be considering a similar thing for the Touchpad ..get into the educational conferences...set up some 'best practice' schools...generate some hype and enthusiasm..

    Do you know anyone that has students attending schools?!
    It is not an insignificant opportunity!
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    HP is exhibiting at ISTE annual conference on technology in education happening June 26-29th in Philadelphia. I don't know whether they will be showing webOS as part of their booth. If anyone knows anything about this and/or is attending, let me know, perhaps we can meet up.
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    I really wish I could find/remember the article I read about HP targeting the Scholastic arena and had already been talking with one of the main groups in charge of distribution and recommendations for schools across the US. HP has deep relationships into education. I'm sure they will leverage those channels quickly.

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