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    What were the taxes?
    Did you get a specific delivery date?
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    Pre-orders aren't til tomorrow right?
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    You could do an early 'pre-sale' yesterday, but I don't see the option to do it today.
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    I just saw that when I searched in google, but I'm betting that was a mistake.
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    I had added it to my cart at yesterday, but I didn't complete the order since I wanted to wait for the best deal. I looked in my cart this morning and they list the Touchpad as out of stock now. I am curious if anyone was able to complete the whole process before Staples took it off their site.
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    I was at the final stage (cc info) but couldn't find if they charge it immediately or when it ships. I chose ship to store and it said estimated delivery July 1-July 8.
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    F no.... Need reviews first and need to find out where the pre3 is going 1st
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    I ordered it yesterday. Everything went thru. The estimated delivery date says july 8.

    I spoke to a staples rep and she said that it looks like it should be available the 1st but can take up to even july 8th.

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