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    Wireless would be much better and convenient. Hopefully not too costly.
    That wireless standard is called DLNA. It's in your PS3 and will be in your next TV if it is not in your current one. The DLNA chip is estimated at about $4 in the teardowns. At least 20 mobile devices have DLNA now.

    iOS 5 will let the iPad output wireless HD using AirPlay this fall but that is not nearly as simple or universal as DLNA.
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    In WebOS if I am watching a movie and I swipe up, we go to the card view and the movie is paused.
    It might not be optimized for it, thus not delivering a good (enough) experience, but with a patch the Youtube and/or video player have been able to do it's job in a card and even when the Pre is off - in case the audio is the only interesting bit.
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