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    Long time reader, first time poster with a question. I'm a full-time student who only works part-time but has a full-time love of webOS. I currently have a Pre Plus on Verizon and am VERY excited about the Touchpad and Pre3's upcoming releases....but unsure of what device to hold out for dollar-wise. I'm only going to be able to afford one for a good long chunk of time...which one would have more utility or would others buy in my situation? I'm leaning towards the Touchpad currently.
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    While you'd get more use out of a TouchPad with a Pre3 than you would owning a PrePlus, if I were in your place, I'd opt for keeping the PrePlus, getting a TP now, and getting the Pre3 (or whatever replaces it) later.

    Just FYI, you can get a Veer on AT&T from Amazon for .01 - if you're open to changing vendors, that with a TP might be a viable option as well.
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    You are OK with Pre+ so no urgent need for new phone. TP on other side is newcomer and it would be wise to wait for a little to see how it performs, what new tablets will HP introduce later this year and to see in what direction is going tablet - phone integration in general. Your restrain from early adopting will not kill TP launch, and your tight budget is not allowing you expensive experiments.
    I'm eager to see first comments and reactions of early real users and will not rush.
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    I'd go for the phone, if you're anything like me (another student) you're out most of the day/night so the opportunities to use a tablet would be limited. The phone is always with you and it's the device you depend on the most. Upgrade the device you need, and when you can afford it, get the device you want.
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    I would go with phone if you can get it cheap enough from Verizon (remember you are on 2 year plan). After that, you check is there any improvement with tablet, as price, more apps, free acessories, or something. But, then again, this is me. I have one tablet already.

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