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    This quote from Craig has always stuck with me because of how true it rings. He said it in reference to the TouchPad not having a rear camera but it's versatile enough to be relevant to any feature the TouchPad lacks:

    I have been thinking about this question and since HDMI out can be done through the USB, I think that we may have the question backwards.

    In 2011, for consumers and especially business presentations, is there any reason not to include HDMI out?
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    The micro-usb -> hdmi thing has been hashed out in another thread, it can if it is an MHL-compliant implementation of micro-USB, as has been done by a number of devices (samsung galaxy 2, samsung infuse, htc flyer, etc). This probably requires some physical wiring and just uses pins on the micro-USB connector.

    As for whether projectors support both HDMI and VGA, there is one thing VGA does that HDMI does not.... it allows for feeding much longer cables. A number of places I have projectors at my work require cables well over 50 feet.... most of these are roof mounted projectors from the back of a meeting or public hearing room, with the video input needed at a lectern or other location near the front.

    HDMI uses twisted pairs, which causes problems with impedence at greater legnths. Coaxial does not. Unlike coax, if the signal is weak, you usually get no picture at all, rather than a weak one.

    You can get an HDMI signal booster, this is an electronic device that would need to be installed along the cable. You could also run hdmi along fiber optic, this would solve your distance problem but would cost a fair amount more.

    There are hdmi to vga cables... but the hdmi implementation has to support a vga signal. HP has some cables that do this for some of their laptops, so they could clearly do this if they wanted to. HDMI output that does not support this requires an adapter, which requires external power, and tend to cost a bit more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by falconrap View Post
    OK, time to cut the mustard on this one. All you need is the proper driver to support the USB-VGA adapter of your choice. You could chain a micro to USB to connect to the Touchpad (or get one that has a mico-USB connector on it) and you could add VGA to HDMI adapter if you need HDMI. Done.

    HP could easily implement this by making an adapter and it's drivers to accomplish this, as well as pushing third parties for an appropriate driver to support their products...
    Stop it. Please, stop it. This is highly inaccurate, and I'm really getting tired of seeing people spread this bad information. Base spec microUSB doesn't allow for any video out. Period. 1x power pin. 1x ground pin. 2x data pins. That's it. No audio out, no video out. Both of which are necessary for full HDMI support.

    Can a microUSB connector have additional pins added to it? Sure, they get added pins on smartphones all the time, but those additional pins are hardware modifications in and of themselves, and in order to use the added pins, the device requires even more hardware changes to allow for the video out.

    In the case of devices that had a "software update" which allowed microHDMI to work, the hardware alterations were already in place. There were new drivers which obviously needed to be installed to enable the hardware changes which were already incorporated in the device.

    It's theoretically possible the TouchPad has such hardware modifications to its microUSB port, but I haven't seen HP specifically say the modifications have been made. As pointed out earlier in the thread, you would really think something like video out through a microUSB connection would be something HP would really want to market. It would certainly seem unlikely the hardware modifications are in place at this point.
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    What about wirless display via touchstone? That would be good.
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