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    Another article on HP working closely with channel partners but no details on specific apps, they are going to have to show their hand in two weeks

    '...The TouchPad bears close physical resemblance to the iPad, but HP says its security and management tools will make it more palatable to enterprise IT departments. The TouchPad's smooth functioning with enterprise applications will also be crucial to its success in the business market, and HP is "working closely with a number of enterprise application companies," to make this happen, according to LaRocca.

    LaRocca declined to name the companies, but Salesforce and Palm were partnering on enterprise applications prior to HP's acquisition of Palm, and Citrix has pledged to build a Receiver for the TouchPad.

    In the healthcare and education vertical markets, HP is providing ISVs with the WebOS 3.0 SDK and engineering help when needed. "We’re getting these companies to port over their apps at launch so they'll have apps running on WebOS when the TouchPad launches," said LaRocca. "We're having engagements with these folks every day and making sure there are clear roadmaps for when they will come on board..." '
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    feels like hp indeed cares more about business market than consumer market.

    good luck with that.
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    HP has a strong foot hold in the enterprise market. so they are just starting from the path of least resistance. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion.
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    Separately Barrons published an excerpt from Sanford Bernstein analyst team on the tablet market.
    This bit below caught my eye:

    "There will be only “modest” cannibalization of PCs, however, as people will own multiple “Internet access devices.” Dell (DELL) and Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) have the most credibility among consumers to sell a tablet, versus HTC (2498.TW) and other smartphone makers."

    Tablets: Apple To Dominate, Little PC Canibalization, Says Bernstein - Tech Trader Daily -
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    that's fine. As long as they make enough effort in consumer market, which, IMHO, is where a success or failure will be decided for a product like this.

    we shall see.
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    I work for a global pharma company (15k employees or so) that dispenses HP computers as standard. as far as approved mobile devices, though, we can choose Blackberry, iPhone and/or iPad. that's it. No Android, no webOS.. not even Windows Phone devices are allowed to be used. Rarely do these things change either since the devices have to be certified to work with all of our web apps, and the company has to pay serious money to our outsourced IT folks to test and certify any new equipment.

    we are still running win xp... we literally just started to transition from ie6 to ie8.

    if the touchpad wants to make its way in to the company I work for it'll be long road, unfortunately.
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    Although that is the case with many companies, HP's biggest customers are Fortune 500 companies. Where I work, I could definitely see a webOS tablet and keyboard combo work for the majority of the people here. About 90% of their work is via Citrix anyway.

    There are also quite a few iPads being tested, though this here is strictly an HP shop.

    /crossing fingers :-)
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    Folks who use these devices at work, and like them will usually spread the word away from work. Really another way of reaching consumers. It worked for Blackberry.

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