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    edit: how hard is it to use Citrix? Is it slow because one is relying on an internet connection?
    Hard question to answer, because "slow" is relative; However, for most, it would be more than adequate.

    Howevr, you should know ahead of time, you have to have the Citrix server running on the other end, and it's not free.

    That said, Citrix has been optimzing their systems for a long time, so it's usably fast, in most situations.

    Basically, you're sending keystrokes and mouse actions to the Citrix server, and it's sending screen updates back. When the screen changes a lot, it slows down some. When the screen changes are minor, it's only redrawing those minor changes. So, you type a letter, and all the screen refreshes is that small part that you just changed. It makes for a very usable system, in most cases.
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    Personally at home I use open office, and it gets the job done for my at home use and plays nicely when I do end up transferring docs between MS Office and Open Office. The wife and I constantly get the warnings from Open Office that formatting may be messed up when saving from one (last save in MS) to the home PC (saving in MS format with Open Office). So far we haven't had any problems though.

    For reference, Open Office used to run in XP, now on 64-bit win 7. Most of my MS is 2003 on XP, one machine has 2007 on XP, I also do have the trial 2007 or whatever that came on the Win 7 box. I really don't like 2007 because of how they have layered the menus, I need to get used to it but don't have enough need at this point.
    I run my own business, and use Lotus Symphony. I can't figure out why more businesses don't do this, you save a TON of money. I am a consultant, writing policies for businesses that have to be in a specific (ISO) format. Since my clients use MSOffice, I use Symphony and save in .doc, again, these have to be in a very specific format for my clients to pass ISO audits, and I have never had any issues. I used to check all of them to make sure they save correctly, but I now know that I simply don't have to, the formatting always transfers over. I think the issues have to do with macros.
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