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    So I decided that I am going to buy a TouchPad for when I head off to college. I love WebOS and all it offers so I'm going all in! (And hopefully get a Pre3 if it hits Sprint.)

    Anyways, my only question is if the TP will have textbooks available. I know that it will have the Amazon book store and since I never have used it I don't know if it contains them. It's not a deal breaker by any means but it would be extremely beneficial if it did.

    Is there any info that the TP may support them or that the Amazon store has them?
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    Are there textbooks for Kindle because it will support the kindle app if I am not mistaken.
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/
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    It has the Kindle app. So whatever text that is available on the Kindle should work on the TouchPad. Check out the books you need in Amazon website to see if it has a Kindle version.
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    i never thought of this! i could literally save enough money on books alone to get a touchpad! lol

    damn. thanks for this question.

    Looks promising. almost 30,000 textbooks in the Kindle eBook library just for Textbooks. Kindle Textbooks: Kindle Store
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    Assuming the TouchPad has an epub reader, you're not restricted to just Kindle; you can purchase electronic books directly from the publisher if it's not available on Kindle.
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    i just checked some of my books for the upcoming semester and over half of them are on kindle. some of them that cost 20-25 dollars paperback were free on kindle! awesome!
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    It depends if you want a low price e-textbook you can find it on Amazon store. On the publisher site the e-textbooks are usually more expensive.

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