Ok so I have never owned a webOS product before but since HP bought them out and showed the world the Touchpad, Veer and Pre 3 I have become very interested, but there are certain things holding me back.

Right now I am currently using all of Microsoft services. I have a hotmail email account, calendar, skydrive, Zune, Messenger, Xbox etc all of which are under the Windows Live banner. I use all of these services pretty frequently. Also Im a college student.

My first priority is a phone before the tablet. So, for any Windows Live users, what does and does not work on WebOS regarding some of these services? My first jump for a phone is most likely going to be a Windows Phone 7 in November when my contract is up, but the idea of combining my tablet and phone with Touchpad/Pre 3 just sounds/looks awesome. Thats one feature I would love to do around the house, but if I can't use all of my services on the Touchpad/Pre 3 then I might as well just not buy one and wait until Windows 8 comes around for a tablet. I have read that Zune doesn't sync with WebOS so it seems that my movies and music won't be able to transfer. I am used to having my calendar automatically update over the cloud, will it sync correctly on WebOS? etc.

For anyone who has potentially used a touchpad, do you know how easy it is to navigate through Skydrive or anything of the sort? I use Skydrive alot for documents from my HP laptop/HP desktop and it would be nice to be able to open it up in the browser on the touchpad in the case that I need it, or open it up on the Pre 3 (if thats even possible).

For education, I want to use the Touchpad as a textbook. I know the Kindle App exists but I wasn't sure if anyone knows/heard of some major online companies that offer eTextbooks that you can purchase. I bought some textbooks from the NookStudy on my laptop, does the Nook study have an app for WebOS? It would be alot easier if I could carry around a tablet instead of 5 different books, of course assuming they are even offered. I know the iPad has been gaining alot of that market share but it would be nice if HP WebOS could get in on the action.

Also, customization. I have yet to see anyone change the background colors on the Veers or Touchpads. Is it possible to change the background pictures? Ringtones? Etc. That would also be nice.

(I know this is alot sorry) but basically, Im trying to decide what use I will get out of spending $500+ for the Touchpad if it doesn't apply to my services or needs. I really really like HP products and I would love to jump on this bandwagon for the features they have come up with, but if I can't get half of my services on here then its a no-go for me...