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    Is the TouchPad 7-inch edition (Opal) still planned for September? I'm waiting until then to make a decision regarding a tablet purchase but there have been so many false leads (C40, mansion, roadrunner hd, stingray, manta) I wasn't sure if Opal was still scheduled assuming it was real in the first place.
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    hp hasnt said a word. Im hoping that willbe their next new hardware.
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    What I am suprised about that they haven't had another WebOS event to showcase the new devices just before they get released and to announce the pricing, date and any other stuff. If we hear of any kind of event from HP that could possible include announcements about WebOS I would count on the Opal being announced. But for now, it is still non existant.
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    Since the Topaz (10" Touchpad) rumors (down to expected month and price) were accurate, I'm leaning towards the Opal rumors being accurate. I'm sure that HP wouldn't issue a peep about Opal because they want people to buy Topaz rather than wait for Opal.
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    The 7" tablet will make for a nice photo frame in my office.
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    I wish the current one was 7''. I love the size of the BlackBerry PlayBook. So much more portable. I can't wait to see a 7'' WebOS device but I doubt I'll be able to wait, even if they'd officially announce it for a September release.
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