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    Why iPad Finally has a serious competitor: HP Touchpad
    By Tech Analyst Jake Thompson | June 9, 2011 6:31 PM EDT

    Why iPad Finally has a serious competitor: HP Touchpad - International Business Times

    For the last year, we've seen the Blackberry and Android tablets and heard rumors of an armada of other tablets preparing to blow the iPad out of the water, but the ones that managed to make it to the market have fallen short due to a number of reasons.

    HP's 9.7-inch screen Touchpad includes a 1.3MP front webcam, dual-core 1.2-GHz Snapdragon processor, and weighs 740 grams. It goes on sale July 1, but eager buyers can pre-order from June 19.
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    However, rather than jumping on the Android bandwagon, Hewlett Packard decided to take an approach out of Apple's playbook.

    Here are three reasons why the HP's Touchpad, slated for sale on July 1, will be able to go toe to toe with Apple's iPad:

    1. Both hardware and software are in-house
    One of the biggest reasons Apple was able to dominate the tablet market is because they have full control over the user experience. This allows them to deliver unique features and great battery life, fewer program glitches and bugs, better security, and the ability to control the app eco system.
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    Its too late to argue price, integration of hardware and software has been done in palm pre already with not so good results.

    Hardwares of Touchpad is not top notch in many areas in comparison with current offering from either apple or android. But its also too late to change that.

    Whats important now, is effective and heavy marketing. And hopefully the reviews come out good.

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