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    It really should be pre-orderers on the 30th in my opinion. No one is pre-ordering this that isn't a huge webOS fan already. Would be a nice 'thanks for your support' gesture. If they show up post retail delivery that is horribly stupid. What is the point of a pre-order then?

    Showing up on the 1st is completely expectable and what I'm guessing will actually happen.
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    I emailed the author of the press release since there was so much debate on the forums about what it meant, and contradictory statements by sales reps. She said
    You will be able to walk in and purchase the Touchpad at any of the retail stores listed in the press release and purchase the TouchPad on July 1. If you pre-order the TouchPad [from the web site] beginning June 19, then it will ship for delivery on July 1
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    It's not about a 1-day delay, that's fine. It's about a 4-day delay if it's shipped UPS or FedEx w/o Saturday delivery.

    I'll be shocked if they're not shipped to arrive on 7/1. I'll pre-order from HP if that's the best deal, but if it doesn't arrive I'll buy a local copy and refuse delivery.
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