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    Hey people!

    So I had a good and then a bad day a few days ago... I saw the title on PreCentral, and yelled out high; "Yes, yes, yes, the TouchPad comes the 1st of july! Im so gonna buy it!" Thatīs was the first reaction, and then I read the whole article and then I was in the cellar... It wasīnt coming to my country! I was sure back in February, that with HP on the team, WebOS will finally come to Norway, yes Norway. But no.... Only a few countries, I was really sad! I understand that itīs some difficult with the App Catalog and credit-cards, but in a another way i donīt understand why they donīt put it in more countries...

    So what are Im going to do now? Buy a iPad? I donīt want to.

    NB: My english isnīt that good, ask if something is unclear.
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    Just buy your Touchpad from a country where it sells.

    You might find it missing norwegian language and keyboard layout, but you can use it in english, french, german, ...
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    Yes, but my problem is that i canīt buy paid apps. And many goooood apps on WebOS is paid...
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    webOS 3 isn't supposed to have geo restrictions, though I'll personally wait to see what happens.
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    HP has stated they are working on removing the Geo restrictions so paid apps will be opened up to the rest of the world (or most of it). Hang in there... HP is currently working on a new version of the App catalog (per Kerris) and hopefully this will fix things for those countries that couldn't get paid apps before.
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    Its hard to lock a wifi-only device. You could just use a proxy and fool it easily
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