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    Obviously, we don't really know what HP has in store for us with their massive ad campaign, but if the couple we have seen for the Veer is an example I have a few thoughts...

    1. I get the Veer ads appeal to that market: they are hip, quick & cute.

    2. The major things that we need in order to advertise the TouchPad and Pre 3 is emotion. Apple hits people with many of their ads to illicit an emotional response, and while I do not want HP to outright copy Apple...they would be smart to do similar.

    Also, I have no issue with comedic ads that HP has done recently for themselves, they have a place as well....but nothing get someone interested in a product as much as making someone FEEL for a product.

    Let hope HP is gonna hit us from all angles with ads, but they need to be Effective....

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    I want ad's like the VP of everything @ sony PS3 guy- those ads are perfect for the demographic they are targeting. Quite amuseing ad's

    OR Maybe it should start with a black and white city scape and Dan Hessing CEO of sprint shows up and starts talking- the Big Aphthotiker (i cant spell) jumps in and starts talking about WebOS etc...and ends with a "Yeah it aint comeing to sprint bc Dan is lame" and sucker punches Dan in the face.
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    If it were up to me.. the first thing I'd do is replace Al Roker's ipad with it. I'd also get it in major tv sitcoms. Imagine Barney from "how I met your mother" bringing one into Mclarens and using it to pickup women using an app.
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    HP needs to begin this campaign assuming that nobody knows anything about the third operating system called webOS. webOS is only known by the users of palm products and they are realitively few compared to apple and google OS. The hardware is one thing but I believe that consumers really buy the software platform.

    I would suggest getting a international personality to be the spokesman for the product/company. I don't think Leo is the person. Get someone that will introduce the product, explain how this is different OS than the other two and how we feel it is superior. Explain that it is available on smartphones and tablets and coming to PC's. If HP wants to be revelant in this space called mobility and proprietary OS, they have to start at ground zero. They are advertising the product in a cute way assuming that people know about palm. Palm died, HP is trying to resurrect the OS.

    The ad campaign would be ongoing with the same personality with updates for features and hardware and geared for both consumers and business.

    I would get Pierce Bronson.
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    I think none of the ads I've seen so far (since Pre1) fully *teaches* the viewer what webOS can really do. They show cards and multi-tasking and all but usually it's too quick and cuts over to the next frame. There's never a verbal explanation of what those features are. I want to see someone being frustrated with another phone, not being able to multitask or being confused by the UI, then someone stepping in and explaining and showing the cards, the gestures, swipe, and synergy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuadForce View Post
    If it were up to me.. the first thing I'd do is replace Al Roker's ipad with it. I'd also get it in major tv sitcoms. Imagine Barney from "how I met your mother" bringing one into Mclarens and using it to pickup women using an app.
    oh man
    i can see it happening.

    He can show the hot/crazy chart via the touchpad as well.
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    i think the style they made for Pre on the the original was good.

    it starts with narrator saying "i wake up in the morning, coffee in one hand, my pre in another"..

    I think they should show case by case scenarios in which the product can function in an amazing, totally new way.

    Cool, fancy alone won't cut it. Tablet is a substantial investment at this price point, they need to show some substance in the ads.

    The veer ads is no good, just flashy, not really telling about about the device. The ads need to slow down a bit, put out a story.
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    By now, users and even non-users know android and they know iOS. We have to get word out that there is another powerful system by a company called Hewlett Packard. Everyone knows Apple and Google. Drive home the name "webOS" and the company behind it. Comsumers should be going into Best Buy looking for the device by Hewlett Packard, or be looking for the device with the webOS. We need name recognition. We need idenity. Right now we have no idenity. Nobody knows what webOS is or the company behind it. HP has to first introduce the fact that there is something called webOS. I don't need cute ad's.

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