View Poll Results: Does PreCentral already have a TouchPad review unit?

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  • Yes of course! The TP will launch any day now!

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  • Don't be stupid! July if we're lucky!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rot View Post
    software isn't finished no way to hand out a test device
    Why do you think it isn't done? Is it based on the SDK? The SDK is only designed to allow apps to work in the environment, not be feature complete.
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    The OS is being polished and optimized as we speak. Why would they want review units out running a more laggy than necessary product?

    I do not think precentral has a review unit.
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    based on today's announcement, i'd say.... yes!
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    er, yes based on tweet below.
    now who do you think will have the first review?
    my money is on derek to write a mini preview.

    webOSroundup webOSroundup
    We will neither confirm nor deny any reports on any subject except to say we have the best job in the world and @hp is friggen awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluenote View Post
    my money is on derek to write a mini preview.
    I think the first thing we'll get from Derek will be a MONSTER review. Mini reviews are normally done quick to get in ahead of the competition. As they probably know roughly when the embargo will end, I expect most tech sites to post full reviews within minutes of each other. I'm guessing a press release by HP will be the trigger.
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    If HP is already shipping TouchPads to webOS internals - and they are - they're probably already shipping them out to reviewers as well.

    If July 1 is the release date - and it is - they'll want reviews floating through the intertubes BEFORE the release date.
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    webosroundup dropped their reviews/videos on the HP Veer almost a full week before Derek dropped his.. Just sayin..
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