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    Touchpad or Pre. Considering these aren't going to be too different prices off contract which would you choose if you had to choose one.

    I'm not are but I might be leaning to the Pre but that may be because I'm still on an original Pre and the phone is something I'm always going to have on me while the touchpad I'll have slightly less use for. But I do travel quite a bit so i'm torn. What about you?
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    Pre 3. I don't need a touchpad. I'm just getting one, cause I'm weak.
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    Probably, I would sell the Pre, get a heavy-discounted Pre2 and a Touchpad.
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    Phone is required. Tablet is a luxury until it can fully replace a PC, allowing me to upload files, access the file system, etc.
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    Pre if you must.

    none if you don't have too. Pre 3 hasn't really been demoed to show any extraordinary functions. While Touchpad is too big if you travel frequently, and can't replace a real production laptop.
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    I'm a sprint customer pretty much done with the smartphones dance: smartphone fees, and no WebOS devices on my carrier.

    My contract was up Friday and if I don't see a WebOS announcement on Sprint this month I'm going prepaid feature phone, the other carriers are too expensive. Even Sprint has become too expensive when I can get 80% of the same experience on the touchpad.

    But I will buy a touchpad.

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