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    yup. hopefully walmart will get it out sooner rather than later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackfireball5 View Post
    i sent him a message.


    he should change this....

    Estimated between Fri. Jun. 10 and Sat. Jun. 11
    Wait, he said that?
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    He sent me this:

    We have been informed by HP. HP hasnot publicly announced but we have been officially informed by one of our agent who works in HP about the release date.
    Thank you

    - amuaniang

    His answer is about as good as the 'my friends friend talked to a Sprint rep' people. Not gonna trust that guy.
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    For 800 bucks I'll take your pre-orders too!! (what a scam)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bgso View Post
    Wait, he said that?
    its listed on his posting where it says delivery. to the right of the image of the touchpad.

    EDIT: This is very strange indeed. It now says 11-13th? instead of 10-11th.
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    I swear it said 11-16th when I sent him a message...
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    It must be changing?
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