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    Slashdot story today. I thought it was very interesting that they would eliminate "free" from any third party... even if the 3rd party paid...

    Apple Nixes iPad Giveaways - Slashdot

    KingSkippus writes
    "According to a story at CNN, Apple has begun enforcing third party promotion guidelines (PDF) that, among other things, restricts organizations from giving away iPads, using the word 'free' to describe any Apple products in a prominent manner, or promoting giveaways of iPod Touches in lots of less than 250 and with Apple's explicit approval."
    Gotta stay in the "NO"
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    Read the comments on that carefully - this appears to only impact items bought from Apple on promotional discounts for the purpose of promotional use. If a company buys a few iPads without promotional discount it does not appear that this applies.
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    One thing for sure, Apple isn't doing this because of anything that HP or anyone else does. That's not how it works. Apple is clamping down on stuff that is purchased through promotion and then used to promote something other than Apple.

    I think Apple is stupid to want to control what is effectively unpaid product placements... but it's their right to do so.

    And there is no way this has ANYTHING to do with HP. Apple is so far ahead in their thinking that they aren't really aware of others trying to compete with the dust left behind as Apple moves ahead. I don't particularly like them, but I have to respect them. If you ask Jobs what keeps him up at night, I guarantee you that he won't give you a list of current competitors. By the time they get traction, Apple will be long gone. Remember when Microsoft finally started to get traction with a credible music player and music service? Boom, Apple has already blown through phones and was about to launch the iPad - and the boys in Redmond were wondering why the racetrack was empty and the crowd was gone...

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