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    Quote Originally Posted by pavvento View Post
    I am impressed with how a wide variety of people at HP that had nothing to do with Palm are real excited about webOS.
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    Touchpad being demoed at COMPUTEX.

    Come on HP, Release this beast already.
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    Interesting he had to turn the Pad around when the movie started upside down. You'd think that would just flip on it's own. Pretty dry demo though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tp2386 View Post
    Touchpad being demoed at COMPUTEX.

    Come on HP, Release this beast already.
    Thanks for sharing.
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    other than the buggy magazine app it looked very good.
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    another video (doesn't show much and its in German)
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    Quote Originally Posted by weenarz1176 View Post
    No way. The most recent glimpse, which is only the stuff with the guy sitting on the couch, looks blazing fast. Please help me understand why you think that was slow. . . .
    Because I've used an iPad 2, and as much as I dislike iOS and prefer webOS, the iPad 2 was blazing compared to that.
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    I think i'd prefer webOS with a millisecond of lag in comparison to iOS. Even if all the lag isn't erradicated, it's a small price to pay for the multi-tasking convenience and ease of use.
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    Video: TouchPad with Hollywood Stars at Cannes 2011

    Not saying too much. It is more a video slides show.

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