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    Well, we all saw the front page article. Who will be picking a TouchPad up two Sundays from now?

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    I will probably be picking it up, assuming it's really going to be released on the 12th. Could be a geeky weekend for me, as I also have a Nook 2 reserved at my local B&N. Can't wait to navigate my WSJ on an e-ink screen without the clunky nook navigation. (clunky specifically for newspapers, I don't mind the rest)
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    I need a new phone more than I need a TP.

    I plan on waiting a while to see the actual real world functionality of it before I go buy one. If they have some legit productivity stuff like adequate word processing and spread sheet functionality, along with something like PDF readers or PDF converters, and if Adobe hops onboard with some Photoshop or Illustrator apps, then I'll be more inclined to buy a TP. Otherwise, I doubt I'll get one, when the Pre3 will be more than adequate for web surfing, IMing, Emailing, GPS navigation, and making phone calls.
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    I'll be sitting at home, because I don't see it happening so soon. I mean when HP officially announces a date, I'll believe it, but there's been too many webOS-related rumors over the years that have never ended up being the actual release date.
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    I'll buy it when it releases in Canada.
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    I'll be waiting because my money is spending time with other matters. Plus I would like to see how things play out.I never been the wait in line type of person or the one to get a products as soon as they come out.Sometimes if not most times the first products out usually have problems and are usually recalled. But I will be picking one up sometime this year.
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    If it's true, then I will be saying hi to the Wallmart greeter June 12.
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    I'll be at work

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    Probably sitting at home, refreshing PreCentral to see if there are news about the Pre3.
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    Buying it if it gets released in Canada...

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    need a "hell yes" added
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    nope, wait for price drop or other offers (Pre 3 combo, etc).

    $600 is way too high.
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    I'm going to maybe "rent" one to satify my gadget lust, and then probably repurchase after the Pre 3 comes out and reports of them working as they're supposed to are widespread and the price has dropped. That's assuming it can open/edit the spreadsheets I need it to in order to justify the purchase.
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    CURSES. I'll be in Greece at the time. :-(

    Buying one the SECOND I get home. Like, on the way from the airport.
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    No way this is released on June 12th. This is the most optimistic community Ever considering the company has never been straight forward with us and they have not announced a release date. What are you guys thinking?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stu5797 View Post
    No way this is released on June 12th. This is the most optimistic community Ever considering the company has never been straight forward with us and they have not announced a release date. What are you guys thinking?
    Not to mention...who releases a product on a Sunday??
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    all stores are closed on sunday in germany.

    So I will be sitting in the sun, drinking a cup of tea 8)
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    Sunday does seem like an odd day, but I hope it's a weekend. It'll be tough to get through work on Monday, waiting to go buy it

    But yeah, I'll be there buying one if 6/12 is real.
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    Day 1 purchase

    in Canada, though.
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    It'll take a big exercise in self-control, but I won't be at a store to buy the Touchpad.

    Watching the Veer price plummet right after release, and realizing that HP doesn't mandate SRP suggests that the gadget will be discounted. Gonna wait to see what Costco winds up charging for it, or if there's a bundle with whatever device Sprint rolls out.

    But by golly I'll have one by end of summer. =)

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