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    There is a session at HP Discover for "MobileIron and webOS", suggesting this newcomer will help enterprise remotely manage webOS devices.

    excerpt below from IDC report:

    MobileIron is a newer entrant into the enterprise mobile device management (MDM) space. It is a VC-backed start-up seeking to solve the increasingly important problem of expansion of mobile device usage in the enterprise. MDM consists of provisioning, configuring, managing, updating, enforcing policy, and securing access to/from the mobile device (typically smartphones). The MDM market consists of mobility companies (RIM, Sybase, etc.), large IT systems management vendors (IBM, HP, CA, etc.), and pure-play MDM vendors. Adjacent market players are increasingly getting into this space as well. Examples include telecom expense management provider Tangoe (acquired InterNoded), mobile security provider Trust Digital, and mobile service management vendor Zenprise (has some MDM components). We believe MobileIron is a company to watch because:
     The company has developed a solution with unique attributes such as granular management of files and apps that lends itself to supporting both corporate-liable and individual-liable devices. It does this across all of the leading mobile OS platforms (BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile, limited support for webOS, and support coming for Android). It provides cost control measures that can be enforced to, for instance, turn off data while roaming. It also has an enterprise application storefront. It has a robust set of features pertaining to management, security, and cost control at a very competitive price either as a cloud-based delivery model or as an on-premise. Last, it has a unique architecture that simplifies management and relies on servers rather than the device for the heavy lifting during the update/change process."

    You can download the full IDC report from the footnotes in wikipedia entry:
    MobileIron - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Nice, but I hope Boxtone, Airwatch or Good pick up on webos, already established and does other devices.
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    According to Gartner, MobileIron is one of four leaders in the multi-OS enterprise mobility management market - they call this MDM. Gartner Report discussed and linked via Network World at Cisco Security Expert: Gartner releases first MDM Magic Quadrant Report
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    For what you get with MobileIron compared the the competitors, this is a good product for what is included. It supports majority of the mobile devices and OS (android, iOS, windows and soon webos [Yea!]). I use it at the company that I work for.

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