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    Tablets are great media consumption devices while PCs are mainly for creating content
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion Antares View Post
    But you brought up theft of business info. If that is someone's goal, then the first thing they'd want to do is make sure the device can't be remotely wiped by isolating it from any networks.
    It's been a while since I've used BES, but if I remember right, one of the settings caused the device to be wiped if it didn't contact the server within xxx time period.
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    Read the original post and decided to reply. I was a tablet skeptic (of sorts) but I was fortunate enough to get to borrow one and try it out before I bought it. I tried a tablet for a few weeks and decided that it did, indeed simplify my baggage.

    I use some 13-odd productivity apps. on my tablet. (Brand-neutral tablet discussion.) Evernote,, dropbox, Office-apps, text editor, eBooks (Kindle, Nook, Stanza), Readdle (make PDFs from web), iAnnotate (to markup PDF files), ToDo (syncs w/ Toodledo), and iSSH. (iSSH is certainly not preferred over a laptop, though.) These tools really do allow me to leave my laptop at home because my main use is document review and notes. I use my tablet for reading technical documents in PDF format. I have literally gotten rid of handling a large binder by using the tablet. Yes, I could have done the same with a laptop, and I did try that for awhile, but the tablet is so much easier. Plus, the tablet is only 1.5 lbs, so my messenger bag is much lighter than it was -- I don't even bother to carry a charger anymore. The eReaders mean I don't have to tote a separate book anymore either.

    I prefer tablet apps that allow me to keep a local copy but save a copy to the internet. Keeps me out of trouble in case I ever drop the device out a car window. Calendar, email, and the browser are also quite convenient on the tablet, as are all the social apps. Instant-on is a great feature.

    The tablet doesn't replace my laptop, but it does complement it in that I don't have to tote around such a large device during the day or while sitting on a bench or in a cafe. I also find that the tablet is less sun-sensitive than a laptop. It's not a e-Ink, though.

    That's how I use it. YMMV. I'm not trying to compile code on it or edit photos or movies -- I don't do any of that stuff on a tablet. I didn't care to jailbreak it or root it -- if I wanted to do that I'd just buy a Color Nook. I read, take notes, adjust my calendar, and handle email on it. I don't actually have any games on my tablet.

    Also use it for cooking! :^) Forgot about that. It's just a convenience.

    If I had to choose between living out of ONLY a tablet or a laptop, I'd pick the laptop, though. At least, for the current generation. The tablet is all about 'easier.'
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