It might be my incessant browsing of PC and the forums, but I'm starting to notice "tablet-sized holes" (as some have put it) in my life. I didn't think I needed or wanted a tablet, as each day passes, I'm seeing how more and more useful (and fun!) one could be.

I'm already looking to get a Pre 3 so I started thinking about TTS. Now, I have a Pre- on Sprint, and recently got Neato!... and I love it! It's so easy to use, intuitive, and relatively invisible.

So I started wondering... why is HP using physical touch as a sharing method? Why not just employ an uber-advanced version of Neato? I understand the ability to touch devices is "cool", but I'd also like the ability to have an on-demand, less "wired" way of bridging my two devices. Honestly, I think having to touch the 2 devices together seems pretty superfluous.

For example, have a Neato type service/app on the Pre 3 and the Touchpad. The Touchpad is upstairs in my bedroom. I was working on some emails, browing some websites, and also had mapped directions to my next meeting.

Well, turns out I'm late and need to rush out the door. My phone happens to be downstairs where I'm having breakfast. As I leave the house, I just take my Pre 3, open the Neato-type service/app, and automatically everything from my Touchpad is opened up on my Pre 3. I'm good to go: emails, websites, map/directions, everything. And I didn't even have to run upstairs to tap the two devices together.

There are other countless uses of course. I also realize that I'm not only asking for more range that TTS currently employs, but also functionality.

To the first point of "range": As I said, the tapping seems superfluous. I just seems like a way to activate the bluetooth communication between the two devices. I think that would be pretty easy to activate through an app/service on either the phone or tablet. The main problem is that I believe TTS uses bluetooth, which has a limited range of 30 feet (?). So perhaps my bedroom was too far from my living room anyways. I can see how a always-on 3G/4G Touchpad and Pre3 can get around this by communicating by cellular data, but perhaps a Wifi Touchpad can create a long range adhoc network to connect with the Pre3 instead of bluetooth. Doable? Maybe?

The second point is functionality. In my example I talked about transferring everything from Touchpad to Pre3. Not use website URLs, but emails, directions... even games, apps, pictures, video, Netflix, etc. It doesn't seem TTS is capable of this yet, although HP has said they want to expand TTS and are opening it up to developers. A software issue that I'm sure can be solved by the bright people at HP or outside developers eventually. Or perhaps TTS version 2?

Anyways, these are just my thoughts, sorry if it came off a little too long. I'm just enjoying my use of Neato! and I honestly think it's already more advanced than TTS in its current state. I'm hoping HP takes the next step and turns TTS into something with more range, capability, and less useless physical tapping.