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    Just did a little search on for the Touchpad, Veer, Pre3.,

    Touchpad resulted in a 336 page paperback titled "TouchPad for Dummies"
    I'm wondering how you can write a book with that many pages on something that isn't released yet. Does PreCentral have 336 pages worth of information on it? I doubt it.

    Veer, not a peep.

    Pre3 has a LOT of accessories, albeit a universal tip exchange type notably Gomadic brand, but no phone (of course)
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    You could probably right quite a lot about the touchpad just using the emulator and there is probably quite a lot that is generic to tablets ("Why have a tablet?" etc etc). Sometimes "for dummies" books are light on details even if I am actually "a dummy" in the subject I'm reading about.

    Alternatively companies will sometimes sponsor their employees/writers to write books like this as it obviously encourages people to buy/use their product so it is possible this guy does actually have a touchpad.
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    Here's a link to the "Dummies" book for those who are interested... TouchPad For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech)) (9781118004340): Andy Rathbone: Books
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    Not even to be released until 11/1/11. I think it's fake.

    But it is legit, description talks about webOS and such. Pretty cool indication it's on the way.
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    Guess they gave author Andy Rathbone a demo unit to document.
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    Or it is still being written.

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