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    Just got an email about the touchpad:

    the link takes you to:

    HP TouchPad - Tablets
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    Just got the same.

    "go ahead and won't bite" - uh, ok, I wasn't worried it was dangerous. Kind of a lame stretch to fit "touch" in again.

    Not sure why they did the picture at that angle, showing none of webOS and highlighting the chunkiness of the device.

    But, I'm just nitpicking. Good to see any sort of marketing for it, must be coming soon!
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    At first I was like $799... what.... Thats not the touchpad lol.
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    Nice. They should have more pictures of it without the case, however. Might confuse some people about the thickness of the device (I know some people here have been fooled).
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    Honestly, I'm a little tired of getting basically the same email, sporting the same phrase "coming soon".

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