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    YouTube - CorningIncorporated's Channel

    Well I hope it's webOS or else HP should be suing everyone... Touch to share is on every device! Even the bathroom mirror. But they won't cause "It's very hard to prove that in a court" Blah blah just sue RIM, you know they would have sued you.

    This is from the makers of Gorilla glass.
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    why do you think HP should sue Corning? For making a fictitious look into the future? How much do you think they should get for that?
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    OP, you're hilarious! That reminds me more of MS Surface, which you can see the same examples of in this video that was made almost 5 years ago.

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    They will need a design change.

    LOL OP, you are suffering from webos syndrome, the phenomena known in pseudo-science as the webos conspiracy, everyone is stealing webos ideas.

    As has been pointed out a couple of times on P|C, TTS was not invented by Palm.

    Secondly, if you notice, the video has a date of 2-7-2011. When did touch to share get announced? I don't remember if it was this year or last. In any regard the official HP announcement came after 2-7-2011.

    The thing you didn't comment on and I'm sure sent shivers down all pre owners, all the phones had no physical keyboards and all resembled knock off iphones.

    Sign of things to come?
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    I'm not going to bother analyzing the video. I just thought it was really cool. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.
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    BTW, that mirror in the bathroom already exists. And the flexible e-paper at the end is pretty close to what e-ink already did: (watch the videos there)
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